Picturing Jordan

Sharing Jordan with the world — one picture at a time.

Buying Bedouin Fabric in Amman

Several reams of colorful fabric stacked vertically in a shop in downtown Amman.

Reams of colorful Bedouin fabric on sale in downtown Amman

Anyone who has drank tea in Petra or ate mansaf in Wadi Rum will quickly recognize the unique fabric adorning traditional Bedouin tents in Jordan. These colorful designs are commonly used across the Arabian Peninsula and beyond, from Syria and Iraq in the north to the United Arab Emirates and Oman in the southeast. American musician Cardi B even featured some in the 2017 music video for her song Bodak Yellow!

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Contemporary Arab Design at the Jordan River Foundation Showroom

Simple, rustic design fuses traditional objects with new styles

The Jordan River Foundation has a showroom on Rainbow Street where they brilliantly showcase traditional, everyday objects from the region in a fresh, modern way. It’s like someone went and replaced all the things in your grandma’s rural kitchen with newer, brightly accented ones. All of the wood, cloth, and clay work here is produced by people in local communities, and, as far as I know, the proceeds from sales go back to supporting them.

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